fillratetest 1.13 released

Last week, I released an updated version of fillratetest, the minimal video card benchmark for Windows. Fillratetest now aborts if the Direct3D device is lost (e.g. on ALT+TAB), instead of carrying on blindly and generating bogus results. Yeah, it was never intended to be bulletproof, but it's still embarrassing to admit that it was oblivious to a lost device. Let's just say I'm a bit more obsessive about detecting and handling error conditions now than I was when I threw fillratetest together back in 2003.

During testing, one user running Windows 7 with a Radeon 4850 found that fillratetest now immediately detects a lost device and aborts. I tried resetting the device after a short delay, with no luck. A normal Direct3D application should be prepared to reset the device at any time and carry on — this is what my game engine does — but this introduces an indeterminate delay, which would render a benchmark run useless. For now, disabling Aero allows fillratetest to run successfully.

Posted by pwr (site) at February 15, 2010, 12:48pm. Category: blog. semipermalink Tags: directx


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