Running Frontier: Elite 2 in Windows XP

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> > >as title i was wondering if anyone has got frontier running in xp as i
> > >noticed on a friends machine who has xp when you run mem in the command
> > >line that you have all 640k of base mem available so in theory you
> > >shouldn't get the mem problems
> > >i would tried it myself but he wouldn't let me install frontier on his
> > >machine
> >
> > why not?  planning to trial a version of XP here sooner or later, if
> > no-one else has said anything by then I'll report back...
> XP = ZERO (literally) DOS support. AFAIK, -NO- DOS games/apps will run
> XP at all.

This just isn't true.

Frontier won't run straight off under XP as the DOS boxes don't have enough
base memory when EMS support is enabled. However, it's easy enough to sort

Locate the "autoexec.nt" file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, make a backup, then
open the original in a text editor. A few lines down from the top you'll
find the following entries:

REM Install CD ROM extensions
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe

REM Install network redirector (load before dosx.exe)
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir

REM Install DPMI support
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx

Now, add REM statements in front of the three commands, so they look like

REM Install CD ROM extensions
REM lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe

REM Install network redirector (load before dosx.exe)
REM lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir

REM Install DPMI support
REM lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx

This stops some memory-eating stuff from loading every time you run a DOS
game. If you run stuff that needs these, you might have to take out the
relevant REMs.

Now, make a shortcut to your FRONTIER.EXE and edit its properties. In the
Memory tab, set Conventional memory to 600 and untick Protected. Set Initial
environment to Auto, Expanded memory to 1024, Extended memory to None, and
DPMI memory to Auto. Untick "Uses HMA".

With these settings I run Frontier under XP without significant problems.
Sound isn't available as the basic Soundblaster 2.0 emulation present in XP
doesn't appear to include an FM synth. Or if it does, I haven't had it
working in Frontier yet. If you really want sound, give VDMSound a shot:

Alternatively, emulate the Amiga version of FE2 using WinUAE ( ). You can run it smoothly in a window then, too


Paul Roberts
email: paul at pwroberts dot com

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you shit head

Posted by wycliff (site) at May 28, 2007, 7:09am. Category: content.

Elite runs fine under DOSBox, which probably expands the platforms a fair bit and gets working sound.

vdmsound also will work for sound.

DosBOX works for games that are notorious for not running under any modern version of DOS (Ultima 7, for example, which required a 386+ but would not run with any memory manager loaded).

DosBOX also does some speed correction allowing poorly written games to run normally, and translates the joystick, throttle, etc.

Posted by Dave Bacher (site) at October 2, 2004, 9:22pm. Category: content.

Nice one, it works a treat!

Posted by Leebo at August 22, 2004, 8:38pm. Category: content.

hey thansk for teh advice and by the way hwo do u get winUAE to work i have a frontier rom and everything

Posted by tom at June 21, 2004, 4:01pm. Category: content.

Paul, I love you. I have been trying to get Frontier to work on my new (XP-using) PC for months and almost gave up. Now I have it working!! Pity about the sound, though.

Posted by Rissa at June 2, 2004, 2:26pm. Category: content.

go to the frontier development homepage and follow instructions there on editing config.nt and autoexec.nt this runs it albeit slowly and only pc speaker. years ago i downloaded a small prog that allowed it to run windowed in 98 also alowed you to change base memory use to ems and edit ships etc. i've been looking for this file and cannont find it anymore but maybe you'll have more look.

Posted by sean at April 2, 2004, 10:43pm. Category: content.

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